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Milton B. - Interim Manager, Project Manager, Consultant

  • Interim Manager, Project Manager, Consultant
  • Leipzig, Germany, 04275
  • Job Title Interim ManagerProject ManagerConsultant
  • Languages GermanEnglishSpanish
  • Professional experience

    Loxxess AG
    Position Interim Manager
    Duration 07/2023 – 09/2023
    Location Bor, Czech Republic

    • In-depth knowledge of warehouse operations and process optimization as well as
    proficiency in utilizing diverse data sources to verify potential root causes contributing
    to system malfunctions
    • Effective stakeholder management skills, demonstrated through successful
    communication with both internal IT departments and external suppliers to improve
    warehouse shuttle and pick-by-light systems

    • Enrolled at a Loxxess AG fulfillment center for dm-drogerie markt, actively engaged in
    optimizing multiple warehouse systems. Conducting detailed investigations to
    uncover root causes of bottlenecks in the Automated Storage and Retrieval System –
    ASRS and the Pick-Tower equipped with pick-by-light technology

    • Reporting:
    o Daily incident reporting, analyzing factors impacting performance, followed by
    discussions and deliberation of outcomes with IT and external suppliers
    o Weekly summaries (track of orders fulfilled, Service Level Agreements - SLAs, and
    error rates) spotlighting shuttle and pick-tower systems' performance for
    management insight
    o Monthly reports to the Board of Directors: highlight achievements, unmet KPIs,
    detailed analysis of causes, and strategies for improvement
    • Overseeing the implementation of a new manual picking area, orchestrating
    collaboration among various stakeholders such as IT, facility management,
    operations, integration, and external providers. Fulfilling the role of lead project
    manager, responsible for designing the layout, optimizing process flows from inbound
    to outbound
    • Exploration of trial-and-error scenarios: formulating and implementing diverse
    strategies for comprehensive warehouse optimization, measuring associated metrics
    to estimate effectiveness. Documenting all undertaken actions to ensure
    transparency and facilitate knowledge acquisition from lessons learned
    • Integral participant in the management team, playing a key role in defining timelines
    for new warehouse features by assessing their impact and relevance on production.
    Proficiently measuring time-to-go-live for these enhancements while effectively
    coordinating with IT and relevant departments

    Position Senior Project Manager – Logistics Innovation
    Duration 03/2022 – 08/2023
    Location Berlin and Lahr, Germany – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Stockholm, Sweden

    • Warehouse management systems and warehouse operation processes
    • Project management based on the PRINCE2® methodology
    • Software development understanding for successful machine integration with the
    WMS and WCS systems
    • In-depth knowledge of logistics innovation, research and implementation of new
    technologies, warehouse optimization, automation, and robotics

    • Planning, installation and system integration of an automatic packaging machine
    simultaneously at multiple locations in Europe: automated packaging of single orders
    using sustainable material that is fully integrated into the outbound material flow
    • Support of the project manager in the implementation of Automated Guided Vehicles
    (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to optimize the picking process and
    material flow

    • Concept study: supplier selection in the market, payback time calculation, budget
    estimation, UPH (Units per Hour) simulation with the new machine and effort
    estimation for multiple workstreams such as package procurement, software
    development, timeline estimation from kick-off to planned go-live
    • Business case development: calculation of best, base and worst-case scenarios for
    multiple warehouses, taking into account the number of support functions, volume,
    FTE (Full Time Employee) costs and infrastructure effort required
    • Layout management: positioning of machines in the warehouse taking into account
    several aspects such as less needed conveyor belt extensions, optimal upstream and
    downstream flow of goods, connection to the outbound sorter, buffer and storage
    space for paper rolls
    • Contract negotiations: daily debriefing with the procurement team to act as the
    owner of contract negotiations, e.g., Service-level Agreement (SLA), fixed asset
    pricing, software terms and conditions definition, payment percentages at key project
    milestones, etc.
    • Proof of concept: successful achievement of contractually defined Key Performance
    Indicators (KPIs) for Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), and
    Functionality Test (FT)
    • Implementation: after a successful proof of concept and correction of errors,
    continuation of implementation at other sites within the Zalando network
    • Ramp-up optimization: refining and improving the potential bottlenecks that could
    arise from the project, with monthly monitoring of machine KPIs


    Position Area Manager – Operations
    Duration 08/2020 – 02/2022
    Location Leipzig, Germany

    • Expert knowledge of Amazon's WMS system for monitoring and flow control of the
    entire warehouse from inbound to outbound
    • In-depth knowledge of the most important KPIs in logistics for quick decisions in
    critical situations
    • Human resources management: shift balance management, employee development,
    disciplinary actions, motivating employees to achieve shift targets at the highest level
    with a customer-focused attitude, creating optimal working conditions for employees
    (work materials, passwords, problem tickets, etc.)

    • Stow, Ship and Flow Manager, responsible for warehouse operations and meeting
    daily cut-offs as the highest position in the fulfillment center during the night shift,
    ensuring employee safety and leading 2 other Area Managers and 10 Team Leaders

    • Organization and constant monitoring of work processes within and between
    departments with the aim of optimal personnel deployment and a customer-oriented
    throughput time
    • Technical and disciplinary management of the department's employees (responsible
    for up to 150 associates at peak)
    • Administration of various personnel statistics, e.g. the maintenance of attendance
    lists as well as vacation planning
    • Conducting regular employee reports regarding performance and quality and
    preparing staff appraisals
    • Control, monitoring and continuous improvement of operational processes as well as
    optimization of existing processes in cooperation with other departments in order to
    achieve the general corporate objectives

    EVA Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH
    Position Project Manager – Development
    Duration 07/2018 – 07/2020
    Location Munich, Germany

    • Technical knowledge of CATIA™ software to act as purchasing engineer and support
    auto parts ordering process that needed to be purchased from global suppliers
    • Negotiation skills, strategies to achieve price discounts and shorten lead times
    • In-depth knowledge of the logistics process, warehouse processes, stowing, picking,
    and shipping the right parts to the right test centre at the right time

    • Collaborate in the development of several car models, mainly electric cars, to be ready
    for sale in 3-5 years. Support prototype testing as a purchasing engineer with high
    technical knowledge and sophisticated negotiation skills

    • Daily debriefing with the engineering team responsible for vehicle development
    • Supplier selection: analysis of suppliers' global capabilities, their effectiveness in the
    supply chain, time-to-market, and everything around sourcing and delivery of internal
    and external vehicle parts
    • Price negotiations: applying multiple strategies for price negotiations with different
    suppliers at the same time
    • Improvement of the purchasing system: creation of automatic purchase orders as well
    as new functionalities in purchasing control (dynamic Purchase Order (PO), creation
    of automatic PDFs for easy documentation of invoices, setup of automatic approval
    rules, and much more)
    • Selection of automotive parts: after a debriefing with the engineers on site, selection
    of the right parts to be ordered together with the CATIA™ designers, in order to allow
    a faster and more efficient release of the orders
    • Creation of the delivery bill and quality control of each batch of parts delivered, in
    order to obtain retro feedback and continuously improve delivery systems, packaging
    security, and safety of sensitive parts


    TUNAP GmbH & Co. KG
    Position Product Manager – Sales
    Duration 07/2017 – 06/2018
    Location Wolfratshausen, Germany – Madrid, Spain – São Paulo, Brazil

    • Excellent technical knowledge and high technical affinity for the automotive and
    chemical industries
    • Understanding of the steps to bring a new product to market, from development,
    testing, pricing, market target, customer presentation, showrooms, and trade show
    visits to present the innovation, to the final sales process

    • Responsible for two of the company's largest product groups: brakes and electric cars,
    with a focus on developing product lines, creating new products and expanding in the
    countries for which I was responsible: Brazil and Spain

    • Competitor analysis: creating reports to make sure our products are appealing to the
    right customers, and seeing what our competitors are doing, their prices, their
    innovations, and their revenue
    • Market expansion: entering new markets in Brazil and Spain, away from the big cities
    and in the countryside
    • Supplier selection: for the products that TUNAP does not manufacture itself, it was
    necessary to select external third-party companies to work with in order to meet the
    high requirements, which meant visits to several warehouses to see the suppliers'
    capabilities and build a strong relationship
    • Preparation of business and budget plans for new products: a business and budget
    plan were prepared for each new product and submitted to the Board of Directors for
    final approval
    • Training of the sales department in Brazil and Spain to present the products, perform
    live tests at customers' workshops, and show the efficiency of the products
    • Monthly reports on the sales of the product groups in the countries for which I was
    responsible, to follow the evolution and always compare it with the business case to
    justify the investment
    • Technical support: assisting both in Brazil and Spain with technical issues related to
    products from the headquarters in Germany, such as chemical formulations, labels,
    standards, and correct translations
    • Development of marketing and sales concepts for defined product groups as well as
    preparation and execution of sales events, coordination of product tests, application,
    and field trials

  • Professional competence

    I am an Industrial Engineer, holding a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialized focus on Project Management and Risk & Contract Management. With a professional history spanning over 7 years within leading companies, my areas of expertise encompass warehouse innovation and
    logistics process automation. I possess adept management skills and an extensive understanding ofoperations, ranging from inbound to outbound. Specialist and consultant for all intralogistics topics.





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